The Maryknoll Bolivia Mission Immersion Program

Testimonials from our partners

We pride ourselves on upholding the traditional Andean values of reciprocity and mutuality – what the Quechua people call "ayni." In seeking partners for volunteer placements, it is important that the volunteer work allow you a chance to form relationships with Bolivians, and learn about their lives and the various issues they face. But we are also aware that foreign volunteers can be more of an imposition than a help for certain kinds of programs or institutions, and we will only place you where you are truly welcome and we know that your volunteer work benefits everyone involved. But don't take our word for it – what follows are testimonials from some of our partners here in Cochabamba:


Ninos con Valor, Inc."It has been such a positive experience to have Maryknoll volunteers come to work at Niños con Valor.  They come with commitment to learn about the culture and to fully immerse themselves in the work that is laid out for them.  Regardless of their length of stay, their desire to do all they can in the time they are able is evident.   Their motivation goes beyond just volunteering when they are here in Bolivia, as many of the Maryknoll volunteers have gone back home and continue to raise funds, awareness and even become involved in our Board of Directors.  It has always been easy and a pleasure to work with the Maryknoll Mission Immersion Program." Carolina, Niños Con Valor"The Maryknoll volunteer took a survey of women in prison with whom we work. The survey allows us to identify women who don't receive visitors, find out why they are in prison, what language they speak, if they can read, and how long they've been incarcerated. Her work is allowing us to create a support group for inmates who don't have visitors because they have no family or they are from other countries. She also helped us in craft workshops and prayer groups with the women. Her work was important to Manos Con Libertad/Free Hands, and she participated in all of our various activities, such as celebrations, special days, and after-school work with the children of the inmates." – Janet, Manos Con Libertad/Free Hands